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Microscopy preprints – Bioimage analysis tools

Posted by , on 22 April 2022

Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we focus specifically on new bioimage analysis tools only.

CyberSco.py: open-source software for event-based, conditional microscopy

Lionel Chiron, Matthias LeBec, Celine Cordier, Sylvain Pouzet, Dimitrije Milunov, AlvaroBanderas, Jean-Marc di Meglio, Benoit Sorre, Pascal Hersen

Figure extracted from Chiron et al.

LiveCellMiner: A New Tool to Analyze Mitotic Progression

Daniel Moreno-Andres, Anuk Bhattacharyya, Anja Scheufen, Johannes Stegmaier

Figure extracted from Moreno-Andres et al.

Instance segmentation of mitochondria in electron microscopy images with a generalist deep learning model

Ryan Conrad, Kedar Narayan

Figure extracted from Conrad & Narayan

HiFENS: High-throughput FISH detection of endogenous pre-mRNA splicing isoforms

Asaf Shilo, Gianluca Pegoraro, Tom Misteli

Figure extracted from Shilo et al.

DetecDiv: a generalist deep-learning platform for automated cell division tracking and survival analysis

Theo Aspert, Didier Hentsch, Gilles Charvin

Figure extracted from Aspert et al.

Extracting multiple surfaces from 3D microscopy images in complex biological tissues with the Zellige software tool

Celine Trebeau, Jacques Boutet de Monvel, Gizem Altay, Jean-Yves Tinevez, Raphael Etournay

Figure extracted from Trebeau et al.

SimSearch: A Human-in-the-Loop Learning Framework for Fast Detection of Regions of Interest in Microscopy Images

Ankit Gupta, Alan Sabirsh, Carolina Wahlby, Ida-Maria Sintorn

Figure extracted from Gupta et al.

Cellpose 2.0: how to train your own model

Carsen Stringer, Marius Pachitariu

Figure extracted from Stringer & Pachitariu et al.

moRphology – dEep Learning Imaging Cells (RELIC) – to differentiate between normal and pathological kidney exfoliated cells

Abbas Habibalahi, Jared Campbell, Saabah Mahbub, Ayad Anwer, Long Nguyen, Anthony Gill, Muh Wong, Angela Chou, Carol Pollock, Sonia Saad, Ewa Goldys

Figure extracted from Habibalahi et al.

MultiHeadGAN: A Deep Leanring Method for Low Contrast Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cells Segmentation in Fluorescent Flatmount Microscopy Images

Hanyi Yu, Fusheng Wang, George Theodoro, John Nickerson, Jun Kong

Figure extracted from yu et al.
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