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Posted by , on 12 May 2022

FocalPlane was created to help connect members of the microscopy community. We recently produced an infographic to illustrate the journey so far since its launch in July 2020.  

We’re delighted that we that we have readers and contributors from across the globe. We regularly interview members of the microscopy community, and our latest blog series by Mariana De Niz highlights the work of Latin American microscopists. Our events calendar details meetings taking place both online and in locations around the world; if you know of or are organising a relevant event, you can add to the calendar any time. FocalPlane also curates a list of national microscopy societies, and you can add yours if it isn’t already on the list.

We now have over 800 registered users, who have generated more than 300 posts. Remember, FocalPlane is your site, and you are free to post on it without moderation. If you’re keen to get involved and are looking for inspiration, we have some suggested writing ideas to help get you started.

With the pandemic making online communities more important than ever before, we launched our FocalPlane features… webinar series with each instalment focusing on a specific microscopy topic. Over 350 people have attended since the series launched in May 2021 and we hope that it serves as another hub for connecting online. The next webinars will be announced soon, so keep an eye on the FocalPlane Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for more details. You can also follow us for more writing ideas, as well as the latest news from the microscopy community.

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