Microscopy preprints – new tools and techniques

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Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we focus specifically on new tools and techniques.

Improved methods for bulk cultivation and fixation of Loxodes ciliates for fluorescence microscopy
Brandon Kwee Boon Seah, Christiane Emmerich, Aditi Singh, Estienne Swart

Figure extracted from Seah, et al.

Ultrastructure Expansion Microscopy reveals the nanoscale cellular architecture of budding and fission yeast
Kerstin Hinterndorfer, Marine. H. Laporte, Felix Mikus, Lucas Tafur Petrozzi, Clélia Bourgoint, Manoel Prouteau, Gautam Dey, Robbie Loewith, Paul Guichard, Virginie Hamel

Visualization of loop extrusion by DNA nanoscale tracing in single human cells
KS Beckwith, Ø Ødegård-Fougner, NR Morero, C Barton, F Schueder, W Tang, S Alexander, JM Peters, R Jungmann, E Birney, J Ellenberg

Figure extracted from Beckwith, et al.

Resolution doubling in light-sheet microscopy via oblique plane structured illumination
Bingying Chen, Bo-Jui Chang, Philippe Roudot, Felix Zhou, Etai Sapoznik, Madeleine Marlar-Pavey, James B. Hayes, Peter T. Brown, Chih-Wei Zeng, Talley Lambert, Jonathan R. Friedman, Chun-Li Zhang, Dylan T. Burnette, Douglas P. Shepherd, Kevin M. Dean, Reto P. Fiolka

Figure extracted from Chen, et al.

Deformable Mirror based Optimal PSF Engineering for 3D Super-resolution Imaging
Shuang Fu, Mengfan Li, Lulu Zhou, Yingchuan He, Xin Liu, Xiang Hao, Yiming Li

Figure extracted from Fu, et al.

A computational proposal for tracking multiple molecules in a multi-focus confocal setup
Sina Jazani, Lance W.Q. Xu, Ioannis Sgouralis, Douglas P. Shepherd, Steve Pressé

Figure extracted from Jazani, et al.

A Versatile Enhanced Freeze-Substitution Protocol for Volume Electron Microscopy
Sébastien Bélanger, Heather Berensmann, Valentina Baena, Keith Duncan, Blake C. Meyers, Kedar Narayan, Kirk J Czymmek

An Optimized Buffer for Repeatable Multicolor STORM
Vaky Abdelsayed, Hadjer Boukhatem, Nicolas Olivier

Figure extracted from Abdelsayed, et al.

A nanobody toolbox to investigate localisation and dynamics of Drosophila titins
Vincent Loreau, Renate Rees, Eunice HoYee Chan, Waltraud Taxer, Kathrin Gregor, Bianka Mußil, Christophe Pitaval, Nuno Miguel Luis, Pierre Mangeol, Frank Schnorrer, Dirk Görlich

Figure extracted from Loreau, et al.

Flexible Multiplane Structured Illumination Microscope With a Four-Camera Detector
Karl A Johnson , Daniel Noble , Rosa Machado , Guy M. Hagen

Figure extracted from Johnson, et al.

CyberSco.Py: open-source software for event-based, conditional microscopy
Lionel Chiron, Matthias LeBec, Céline Cordier, Sylvain Pouzet, Dimitrije Milunov, Alvaro Banderas, Jean-Marc Di Meglio, Benoit Sorre, Pascal Hersen

Figure extracted from Chiron, et al.

Automated systematic evaluation of cryo-EM specimens with SmartScope
Jonathan Bouvette, Qinwen Huang, Amanda A. Riccio, William C. Copeland, Alberto Bartesaghi, Mario J. Borgnia

Event-driven acquisition for content-enriched microscopy
Dora Mahecic, Willi L. Stepp, Chen Zhang, Juliette Griffié, Martin Weigert, Suliana Manley

Figure extracted from Mahecic, et al.

Increasing the Field-of-View in Oblique Plane Microscopy via optical tiling
Bingying Chen, Bo-Jui Chang, Felix Zhou, Stephan Daetwyler, Etai Sapoznik, Gabriel Muhire Gihana, Lizbeth Perez Castro, Maralice Conacci-Sorrell, Kevin M. Dean, Alfred Millett-Sikking, Andrew York, Reto Paul Fiolka

Figure extracted from Chen, et al.

User-friendly electron microscopy protocols for the visualization of biological macromolecular complexes in three dimensions: Visualization of planta clathrin-coated vesicles at ultrastructural resolution
Alexander Johnson, Walter A Kaufmann, Christoph Sommer, Tommaso Costanzo, Dana A Dahhan, Sebastian Y Bednarek, Jiří Friml

Figure extracted from Johnson, et al.
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