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Enter CoolLED’s ‘Image in an Image’ competition

Posted by , on 10 February 2023

CoolLED's logo.

CoolLED is running its fantastic ‘Image in an Image’ competition again this year, and it has recently opened for entries.

It’s an image competition with a twist, inviting contributors to get creative and search for hidden images within their micrographs. Previous winners have included a tissue sample reminiscent of a fish head, a beautiful flame formed by C2C12 cells stained with phalloidin, and even the Eye of Sauron visualised in a hair follicle.

CoolLED is a UK-based company that designs and manufactures LED Illumination Systems for fluorescence and transmitted application, bringing the latest LED technology to labs across the world.

CoolLED will draw up a shortlist of entries which will then be put to a public vote, with this year’s winner receiving one of CoolLED’s three-channel pE-300white illuminators. You have until 31 July 2023 to submit your entry, so if you’ve spotted something hidden in your microscopy images this could be the perfect competition for you.

Find out more and enter the competition by visiting CoolLED’s website.

Left: Claire Dessalles (Roux Lab, University of Geneva) won last year’s competition with her image of a flame, formed from phalloidin-stained C2C12 cells. Right: ‘Eye of Sauron’ by Alfonso Schmidt (Hugh Green Cytometry Centre, New Zealand) was the 2020 winner.
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