Effectively Communicating Bioimage Analysis Workshop – applications are open

Posted by , on 10 May 2023

Applications are now open for early-career researchers to attend our workshop on effectively communicating bioimage analysis, organised by Beth Cimini and Kevin Eliceiri.

With the explosion of new bioimage analysis tools and teaching resources that allow researchers to handle increasingly large datasets, bioimage analysis community has never been in a stronger position. However, this workshop aims to tackle some of the major challenges that still exist, such as bioimage analysis being seen as an ‘add-on’; how to track and assess the quality of new (and unmaintained) tools; and how to make materials accessible to the whole community with a wide range of experience levels. Check out our Workshop page to find out more about the aims of the meeting.

We offer 10 funded places for early-career researchers to attend our Workshops along with the 20 invited speakers. We just ask that you pay for your own travel costs. If you would like to attend please complete the online application form and include a one page CV and a letter of support from your supervisor. If your supervisor would prefer to send the letter directly to us please ask them to email it to

Organisers & speakers

Beth Cimini Broad Institute, USA
Kevin Eliceiri University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Peter Bankhead University of Edinburgh, UK
Rocco D’Antuono The Francis Crick Institute, UK
Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez University of Gothenburg, Sweden 
Robert Haase Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Helena Jambor Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Martin Jones The Francis Crick Institute, UK
Florian Jug Human Technopole, Germany
Anna Klemm Uppsala University, Sweden
Anna Kreshuk European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany
Gaby Martins Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal 
Kota Miura Network of European Union Bioimage Analysts, Germany
Laura Murphy The University of Edinburgh, UK
Simon Nørrelykke Harvard Medical School, USA
Thomas Pengo University of Minnesota, USA
Annika Reinke German Cancer Research Center, Germany
Caterina Strambio De Castillia University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School, USA
Virginie Uhlmann EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute, UK
Jason Williams Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA

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