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Posted by , on 16 January 2024

Thanks to everyone who participated in our end-of-year quiz together with the Node and preLights. We are delighted to announce that our winner is Benjamin Topacio! Check out the correct answers below:

Q1: Which person being interviewed on the Node in 2023 plays the piano in a klezmer band?

A: Scott Gilbert 

Q2: Sarah Young-Veenstra covered a preprint describing the different ways in which elephant seal cells adapt to hypoxia during deep dives. What is not one of the mechanisms described: 

A: Induction of cell cycle arrest pathways 

Q3: Which researcher, featured in our ‘Latin American Microscopists’ series this year, started their scientific career by observing carrots? 

A: Pablo Sáez 

Q4: Martin Estermann was reminded of which iconic animation duo while writing his preLight in May 2023? 

A: Pinky and the Brain 

Q5: Where should you not place your music speaker while imaging if you want to stay in the good books of Andres Hugo Rossi?  

A: On the laser module

Q6: Which “behind the paper” post published in 2023 tells the story when the first author had to travel to Trinidad, Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico to catch their research organism? 

A: “What bats can tell us about the evolution of mammalian teeth” by Alexa Sadier on 25 September 2023

Q7: Mole contributed six articles to JCS in 2023, but how many of them featured a teapot in the accompanying cartoon? 

A: Four

Q8: Which paper published in Development in 2023 featured the following figure? 

A: Regulation of anterior neurectoderm specification and differentiation by BMP signaling in ascidians by Agnès Roure, Rafath Chowdhury, Sébastien Darras

Q9: Song lyrics often inspire our summaries of preLights posts (dark grey box at the top of each post) – which song inspired two summaries in 2023? 

A: Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) 



Q10: Which lab featured in the ‘Lab meeting’ series mentioned that one lab member’s job is “searching cat ovaries and testes around the city”? 

A: Excellent Unit of Wildlife Stem Cells (eWIS)  

Q11: The preLighters interviewed in 2023 mention several things they do in their spare time – what is not one of these things? 

A: Lifting weights   

Q12: According to his interview with Mai Rahmoon, what makes Teng-Leong Chew get up in the morning? 

A: His dog! 

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