FocalPlane features… open microscopy and accessible workflows

Posted by , on 2 May 2024

Our next FocalPlane features… webinar is on open microscopy and accessible workflows with talks from Richard Bowman, Jan Huisken and Dumisile Lumkwana.

Richard will speak about OpenFlexure Microscopes, which are open-source optical microscopes that are built using 3D printed components and off the shelf components. The OpenFlexure project aims to promote broader access to microscopy. You can read about the OpenFlexure microscope here.

Jan will discuss the Flamingo project. Flamingos are modular advanced microscopy setups, which flip the concept of core microscopy facilities allowing the team to move custom microscopes to the samples.

Dumi will discuss VP-CLEM-KIT, a new low-cost pipeline to support users to access high resolution volume correlative light-electron microscopy.

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