Vote for your favourite image in the ELMI/FocalPlane microscopy image contest!

Posted by , on 30 May 2022

Voting for the image contest that we co-organised with the #ELMI2022 conference team is now open. We were thrilled to receive over 60 entries featuring a range of microscopy techniques, including widefield, confocal, spinning disk, super-resolution, and electron microscopy.


Big thanks to all our contestants for their contributions and we wish them good luck!

Alexandre Dumoulin, Alexey Kiryushkin, Alexis Lomakin, Andy Li , Carolina Franco, Catherine Griffiths, Ciaran Butler-Hallissey, Dylan Windell, Elkhan Yusifov, Ellen Skarpen, Eric Peterman, Flora Crozet, Frederic Fercoq, Igor Kireev, Jubina Balan Venghateri, Krystyna Gieniec, Laura Gutiérrez, Mafalda Pimentel, Mindy Engevik, Narges Mahdavian, Neda Glisovic, Neta Felsenthal, Pablo J. Sáez, Patrick Hunter, Rhys Livingstone, Sara Hernández Pérez, Sarah Rubin, Simon Desiderio, Tejeshwar Rao, Tomasz Nawara, Zachary Sanchez

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