Turbo mini-bios

Posted by , on 19 July 2022

MiniBio: The Electron Microscopy Unit at the Faculty of Sciences in Universidad de la Republica is led by Dr. Gabriela Casanova (see interview in Latin American Microscopists series). In this special issue we include turbo mini-bios highlighting the work and career of unit members and main collaborators, including Dr. Magela Rodao, Gaby Martinez, Ana Laura

Cell Worlds: meet the microscopists

Posted by , on 14 July 2022

February, 2022 saw the world premiere of the Cell Worlds documentary and exhibition. Cell Worlds was created by co-founders Renaud Pourpre and Terence Saulnier to bring microscopy out of the lab and display it in new ways to new audiences. Here, we focus on the team of microscopists who provided the images and movies.

An interview with Omar Trujillo Cenóz

Posted by , on 12 July 2022

MiniBio: Omar Trujillo Cenoz is currently an Emeritus Professor at the department of Cellular and Molecular Neurophysiology at Instituto Clemente Estable. He was head of the Neuroanatomy department at Instituto Clemente Estable from 1973 to 2004, and retired in 2004. He studied under the guidance of Prof. Clemente Estable in Montevideo, Uruguay, and later completed

News digest

Posted by , on 8 July 2022

Here is a selection of interesting news, publications and discussions related to microscopy that happened in the last two weeks on Twitter and beyond. Talks, training and workshops: Registration is now open for EMBO’s practical course on volume electron microscopy by automated serial SEM If you couldn’t make it to ELMI 2022, don’t worry.

Microscopya – A New Science Video Game Exploring the Beauty of the Molecular World

Posted by , on 8 July 2022

Beata Science Art is offering a fresh take on science communication by announcing the release of Microscopya on July 8, 2022

FocalPlane features... Quantitative Phase Imaging

Posted by , on 6 July 2022

In case you missed ‘FocalPlane features…’ last month, here is the recording of the webinar given by Zuzana Nováková, Patrick McCall and Jan Balvan on Thursday 30 June 2022.

FocalPlane turns two!

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It’s our second birthday and we’re happy to look back at another eventful year on FocalPlane! This March, we launched the FocalPlane Network, a global directory of microscopists, to help the community find researchers with specific expertise and promote diversity. We’ve been pleased with how many of you joined the Network – we have 120

An interview with Federico Lecumberry

Posted by , on 5 July 2022

MiniBio: Federico Lecumberry is an Associate Professor in Signal Processing and Machine Learning at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay. He is also an Associate Researcher with the Advanced Bioimaging Unit of Institut Pasteur de Montevideo. He completed his BSc, MSc and PhD degrees

TrackMate-Oneat: Auto Track correction using deep learning networks

Posted by , on 4 July 2022

During the tracking of motile cells, solving the problem of linking objects between two consecutive timepoints becomes even more complicated, if the cells divide or undergo cell death. In the terms of trajectories, this means the addition of trajectory branches and terminations. However, dividing and dying cells are characteristic in their shape, and leveraging this

Euro-BioImaging Bio-Hub - Scientific Project Manager - AI4LIFE

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The Euro-BioImaging Bio-Hub hosted by European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is looking for a highly motivated Scientific Project Manager to support the operation of the newly funded EU project, AI4LIFE, which aims at making pre-trained deep learning models and methods for microscopy imaging FAIR for life science researchers. If you have foundational scientific knowledge about