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Posted by , on 29 June 2022

Talks, training and workshops

Don’t miss our FocalPlane features… webinar on quantitative phase imaging and its cell biological applications. If you haven’t already, book your place

Have you submitted an abstract for the Abercrombie Meeting yet? Fear not – the submission deadline has been extended:

The Microscopy and Microanalysis (M&M) Meeting is taking place in Portland, Oregon from 31 July – 4 August

Last chance to apply for the Hands-on Quantitative Confocal Microscopy course at the Salk Institute

Watch Grace Chojnowski’s conversation with Flow Stars, a series interviewing key figures in the flow cytometry field

A tutorial on using Voronoi for object segmentation:

Some new tutorials from #I2K2022 uploaded to their YouTube channel:

GliaMorph: A Tool to Quantify Glia Morphology in 3D, by Elisabeth Kugler

Handling complex tracking challenges with TrackMate, by Jean-Yves Tinevez

Fast scripting with ImgLib2 in Fiji’s Script Editor, by Albert Cardona

News and interesting reads:

Imaging standards to ease reproducibility and the everyday

Read about the new EMBL Imaging Centre and their opening symposium

Making data available Open Access pays off:

Check out the latest interviews in the Latin American Microscopists series:

Useful resources

A Dye database

Competitions and awards:

Congratulations to Elisabeth Kugler and Ryan MacDonald, runners-up in the NIHR’s Moorfields BRC’s Increasing Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) award! They were recognised for using microscopy images to promote scientific research:

Movie time

The famous Woods Hole embryology course is in full swing. Check out these lovely horseshoe crab embryos You can follow the action at #Embryo22:

The view down a Foldscope:

Some beautiful fish eggs floating under the ‘scope:

An energetic tintinnid:

ER in full flow:

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