The role of CZI in Expanding Global Access to Microscopy

Posted by , on 24 January 2024

Having noticed the impressive impact that CZI has had on bioimaging progress, community-building, capacity-building, and providing support to underserved communities, during this ‘Imaging the Future Week’ we decided to highlight the work of scientists worldwide, who are CZI grant-recipients. They shared with us their successes and challenges, the role that CZI has had on their careers, their facilities, their communities, their countries, and their world regions altogether. We interviewed the leaders of 25 different projects, based in 5 different continents. Their projects range from initiatives for capacity building in terms of training models for staff at facilities, inclusion of the community to develop bioimaging, bridging gaps between disciplines, and expanding global access.

Our interviewees are: Mark Scimone, Michelle Itano, Claire Brown, Kerry Thompson, Helen Spiers, Beth Cimini, Thierry Pecot, Michael Weber, Paul Hernandez, Uri Manor, Christian Tischer, Caron Jacobs, Mahmoud Maina, Leonel Malacrida, Federico Lecumberry, Adan Guerrero, Cristina Guatimosim, Diego Delgado, Alenka Lovy, Rodrigo Portugal, Mariano Buffone, Tobias Wenzel, and Narine Sarvazyan.

We found their experience and their effort inspiring, and we are sure these ideas will have a long-lasting impact in our communities. This video and the corresponding interviews were generated by Constadina Arvanitis and Mariana De Niz, based at the Center for Advanced Microscopy and the Nikon Imaging Center at Northwestern University, Chicago IL.

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